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Fuel Information for Galveston Airport (Scholes)

We provide complete fuel and FBO services at Scholes Field, Galveston Airport

Call 409-744-9000 or email us for callouts or more information about FBO services.

Fuel Services at Galveston Airport

galveston airport airplane fuelJet A

100LL Avgas

Get our fuel pricing here (use KLGS identifier if needed). 

Complimentary Meals for Fuel Customers

For customers purchasing 20 gallons of fuel or more, we are happy to offer complimentary Angus Beef Hamburgers and Pizza in addition to chips, cookies, and fresh fruit.

Customer Appreciation Gift

Galveston Aviation Services appreciates each and every one of our guests and customers.

That's why we're offering this special, handmade merlot wine to customers who accumulate one of the following amounts of fuel:

3,000 gallons of Jet A fuel

1,000 gallons of Avgas fuel


Hours of Operation - 24 Hour Availability*

Normal Operation Hours

After Hours

*There is an after-hours callout fee of $100 for purchases of less than 750 gallons

Call 409-744-9000 or email us for more information.